A clip from the upcoming "My Next Guest Needs No Introduction" episode reveals the surprising interview location.
netflix show my next guest needs no introduction
Credit: Courtesy of Joe Pugliese / Netflix

The latest episode of David Letterman’s new Netflix series My Next Guest Needs No Introduction will see the legendary late night host and Hollywood A-Lister George Clooney hanging out at one of the West Coast’s most beloved burger chains. Viewers will get up close and personal with the Catch-22 and The Monuments Men star as the icons hang out in the parking lot of an In-N-Out, enjoying burgers, fries and eventually their own chocolate milkshakes.

The location of this particular restaurant places the interview next to an airport, an odd spot for a one-on-one between two of entertainment’s biggest faces. Still, their conversation, which eventually makes its way to a Clooney family trip, is relaxed and light as they lean against a car, enjoying their french fries and watching planes land and take off seemingly hundreds of feet away. It’s that comfortable but revealing discussion Letterman is famous for, less Inside the Actors' Studio and more Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. Watching the last two people you’d ever expect to be in an In-N-Out parking lot eating meals off of trays while aircraft scream overhead offers a nice upending of expectation.

Towards the short scene’s end, an In-N-Out restaurant worker slides in, respectfully offering Letterman and Clooney their chocolate shakes. The My Next Guest host asks him his name before introducing Clooney (but not himself), before the latter sings small praises of the shake. And as quickly as Travis from In-N-Out is there he is gone, leaving Letterman to playfully quip that Clooney “didn’t dig down to give the guy a gratuity.”

The scene offers a slightly different set-up than My Next Guest’s first showing, which featured interviews with President Barack Obama and Georgia Representative John Lewis. During that hour-long episode, Letterman sat on a stage with the former president, discussing everything from his first moves after his White House exit and Letterman’s “biblical” beard to social media’s role in news sharing and growing income inequality. He also went out into the streets of Selma, with Rep. Lewis, but both interviews remained largely traditional (though never stuffy).

It’s unclear what other subjects will be up for discussion in Letterman’s interview with one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, but the In-N-Out hang-out with Clooney implies there’s more than one way the host plans to feature his high profile subjects. You can catch the entire Clooney special—and more of their In-N-Out parking lot conversation—when the latest My Next Guest Needs No Introduction episode is released on Netflix on February 9.