By Matt McCue
Updated June 24, 2014
Photo by Ed. K on Yelp

What: Chef Ernesto Uchimura’s funky chicken burger.

It may not be as easily identifiable as Uchimura’s Umami burgers, which all proudly display his stamp on their buns, but this chicken sandwich may quickly become a signature at his Plan Check Kitchen + Bar in Los Angeles. Uchimura is pushing boundaries in his new kitchen with items like dehydrated ketchup leather and chlorophyll mayonnaise and his funky chicken burger is no exception, combining a Jidori chicken patty with its liver and skin.

Crackpot Inspiration: Uchimura’s poultry purveyor offered him some very nice Jidori livers, and unlike most of us, his first thought was burger. “First, I coarsely grind the Jidori chicken meat for the patty before incorporating my killer schmaltzy chopped liver recipe,” says Uchimura. “I usually have chicken skin on hand, so I experimented with cooking it like cracklings to try and add texture to the burger. Combining these flavors hit on all the right notes in balance.”

Outrageous Factor: 7. Sneaking it on a burger is a great way to bring more chopped liver into the world.

Detox Level: