If you love beer as much as you love Christmas, you'll probably want to check it out. 
genesee keg tree
Credit: Courtesy of John Kucko

Have you been feeling as though your holiday celebrations could use more beer? Look no further than the Christmas tree created by Genesee, which is made out entirely out of beer kegs and draped in neon lights.

The tree is quite the feat of engineering: Standing at 27-feet-tall, the tree is constructed from 430 empty kegs, stacked in 11 layers, with more than 2,000 feet of green, red, and blue string lights, synchronized to holiday music, to complete it. It’s topped with a glowing Genesee Brew House logo, instead of a star. The tree “lighting” ceremony also celebrated the launch of a new Genesee beer, Bourbon Barrel Aged Scotch Ale, otherwise known as Keg Tree Ale.

This festive ode to good beer (yes, I actually happen to enjoy Genesee Cream Ale) and the holiday season will be on display at the Genesee Brewery in Rochester, New York until early January. It might just serve as inspiration for anyone out there looking to display their love of Christmas in a non-traditional way this holiday season.

Sure, most people like to stick to a regular tree to decorate come Christmas time, but why not try building your own. Genesee proves that just about any discarded material can be repurposed to create some holiday cheer. No empty beer kegs on hand? Why not try old coffee cans, wine bottles, empty boxes of tea or old water bottles? There’s no right (or wrong) way to show off your Christmas spirit. Your craft Christmas tree doesn’t have to rise to the staggering heights of the Genesee creation to still be impressive. After all, not everyone has a parking lot where they can display a three-story tall handmade Christmas tree, or even access to that many beer kegs (unless you went to a lot of parties this year, which would be its own impressive feat).