Credit: ©Robert Alexander/Getty Images

Unless you plan on being an offensive lineman, sumo wrestler or Babe Ruth impersonator, eating ice cream to improve your sports career probably isn’t a great idea. But an Italian researcher says he’s ready to put the status quo on ice, creating a gelato that he says can make you a better athlete.

Valerio Sanguigni, a professor at The University of Rome Tor Vergata, has patented a natural ice cream that is jam-packed with antioxidants, which he says can not only lead to a healthier life, but can also improve the athletic performance of young people. He also believes his gelato – which comes in three flavors: chocolate, hazelnut and green tea – is an especially appropriate antioxidant delivery system because its cold temperatures help conserve those healthy compounds.

According to Italy’s The Local, Sanguigni has tested his gelatos in a lab setting against a “placebo ice cream” where participants were asked to eat the sweets before getting on an exercise bike. The scientist’s healthy ice cream beat the normal ice cream when it came to giving subjects better vascular function and physical performance.

The findings of Sanguigni and his team were published in the journal Nutrition, marking what the Italian researcher/ice cream maker states is likely the first study to show that a natural ice cream can have benefits for physical performance. “Who says that health foods have to taste bad?” Sanguigni was quoted as saying.

But what about those who are lactose intolerant? Maybe he can figure out some sort of sports-enhancing sherbet as well?

[h/t Munchies]