Credit: Jessica Clark-Bojin

Calling all geeky bakers! We have the newest addition to your kitchen: The Pies Are Awesome pie guides from Jessica Clark-Bojin.

Granted, the pie guides aren't here yet. Right now, Clark-Bojin's Kickstarter still has a few weeks before it closes but it has far surpassed its original goal. And, for just $10, you can get any of the pie guides and a credit on Clark-Bojin's website,

There's the Rampant Unicorn, which can be as rampant or tame as you want it to be. There's the C'thulu pie, badass enough to make H.P. Lovecraft proud. There are the Murder Kitties, which can be adorable or totally horrifying, depending on what kind of pie you're going for. There's an epic Fire Breathing Dragon guide, which will pretty much work no matter what your favorite fantasy fandom is. There's a Mustache Man pie guide, because who doesn't love mustaches? And finally, if the beautiful geometry of nature is just too much for you to handle, or maybe if you just really like terrible puns, there's the Pi Mandala guide, so you can have a super spiritual Pi on your pie.

For just $8 more, $18, you can get a powder guide that will make your geek pie even more intricate. These include Math Butterflies and an awesomely industrial Steampunk Caravan kit. If that's still not enough for you, and you also have a bunch of spare money lying around to spend on baking accessories, $999 will buy you a custom powder guide of anything you want. So yeah, you can make a bunch of pies with your face on them.

You can contribute to Clark-Bojin's Kickstarter here and follow her on Instagram to see what else she comes up with.