The brightly-colored footwear makes it look like your feet just received a victorious Gatorade shower.
be like mike nike air jordans gatorade sneakers
Credit: Courtesy of Nike

Michael Jordan was more than just arguably the greatest basketball player of all time. He was, and still is, an icon—attaching his name to well-known brands like Gatorade, Wheaties, Hanes and most notably Nike with his Air Jordan line of shoes. Those shoes remain so popular decades after his retirement(s), you have to wonder if, one day, future generations might assume he was some sort of world-renowned cobbler. For now, however, the latest iteration of the ever-expanding Air Jordan line does a fantastic job of not only honoring Jordan’s legacy as a player, but as a spokesman as well. Over the past few weeks, Nike has rolled out a special-edition Air Jordan x Gatorade collaboration—classic-style Air Jordan footwear with a Gatorade aesthetic.

More so than some of the other brands Jordan shilled for, Gatorade has a special place in the six-time NBA champion's history. It was a Gatorade advertising campaign that first coined the ubiquitous phrase “Be like Mike”—and fittingly, this footwear is dubbed the “Like Mike Collection.” Seeing as these are Air Jordans, the shoes don’t come cheap, retailing for between $175 and $225 a pair depending on the style. But if you’re worried people won’t be able to tell you went all out on some sports drink-related kicks, don’t worry, all these shoes feature eye-popping colors that can’t be missed.

The Air Jordan 6 Gatorade is the line’s signature (read: $225) shoe. It’s almost entirely “Gatorade green” except for some orange and white accents to give it that classic Gatorade bottle feel. According to Nike, “Details like a squeeze-bottle-inspired lace lock, sockliner graphic and embroidered ‘If I Could Be’ detailing on the inside tongue complete the tribute.” Sadly, it’s already sold out on the shoe brand’s website.

Not to fear though. The Gatorade-inspired shoe line also features four other “Flavorways,” each meant to match a version of the hydrating beverage. These Air Jordan I shoes come in Lemon Lime, Grape, Cool Blue and Orange—and with high top-to-sole single coloring, each shoe looks like it repeatedly received a post-NBA Finals Gatorade shower. Lemon Line is listed as sold out, but the other three Flavorways are still available at $175 a pop.