It's the latest fast food restaurant hoping to tempt customers with alcohol. 

Burger King applies for liquor license
Credit: oberto Machado Noa / Contributor / Getty Images 

Burgers and beer: There’s hardly a more winning combination out there in the food world. Hoping to capitalize off this well-known fact, the Garment District location of Burger King in New York City wants to start serving beers with its Whoppers.

According to the DNAinfo, the Seventh Avenue franchise recently approached the local community board about obtaining a liquor license. Unfortunately, the board, already overwhelmed with liquor license applications, sent a “no comment” to the State Liquor Authority on the Burger King application. The SLA, which has the final say over who will eventually receive a license, hasn’t even received their application yet, meaning you won’t be able to enjoy a quick – and cheap – burger and brew at Burger King any time soon.

The UK is way ahead of us in this regard: Some of their Burger King locations offered beer selections all the way back in 2014. If you’re not willing to fly across the pond for the novelty of drinking alcohol in a fast food restaurant, don’t fret: The Financial District’s Burger King location, at 106 Liberty St., currently serves beer.

Burger King isn’t the first fast food restaurant to leverage the possibility of alcoholic drinks as a way to tempt more customers: Last year, Chipotle introduced a beer happy hour, and this April Taco Bell Canada announced it will start serving beer and frozen alcoholic drinks, while he first Taco Bell in the states to serve alcohol opened in Chicago back in 2015.

So while this particular Burger King may not yet be ready to get you drunk, there are many other fast food joints willing to take on the job. Happy drinking!