By Mike Pomranz
Updated August 21, 2017

You’d think the life of a watermelon carver would be tough to keep fresh: There are only so many things that need to be immortalized in watermelon form. But luckily for professional fruit carver Valeriano Fatica, though people’s appetite for watermelon may be seasonal, society’s lust for everything pop culture-related is insatiable.

Game of Thrones in particular has, I believe, somewhere between 12 and a million characters, providing Fatica with a never-ending stream of recognizable visages he can carve from fruits and gourds. Back in November 2014 (Remember those days? [Insert your favorite character here] was still alive), Fatica carved one of GoT’s White Walkers into a pumpkin. With the summer season upon us and a couple of years having passed since his last tribute, Fatica decided to whip up The Night King from a watermelon. The amazing new fruit sculpture apparently took 18 hours to complete.

Though Fatica has more than 40 of these carving videos on his channel, featuring everything from Cthulhu made from a potato to a mouse carved from a lemon, focusing on Game of Thrones characters seems like it could be a cottage industry for him – assuming the world doesn’t run out of fruits before he runs of out characters to carve.