You might actually want to encounter this 'White Walker.'
Credit: Courtesy of HBO

Game of Thrones is a show clearly targeted at adults. Beyond its critical acclaim, the next thing the show is best known for is its love of violence and nudity. Thanks to these mature themes, it should probably come as no surprise that GoT has done particularly well with its promotional tie-ins involving alcohol. Next month, Brewery Ommegang will release its 11th official Game of Thrones beer. And thanks to Vintage Wine Estates, you can also indulge in three different official Game of Thrones wines. But what about liquor drinkers, you might ask? Well, turns out the good people at HBO licensing may have saved the best for last. Game of Thrones is about to get its own Scotch whisky… from Johnnie Walker, no less.

Scheduled to arrive this fall (a timeframe so vague that George R. R. Martin has to appreciate it), the branded Scotch, the series’ first official spirit, will be called White Walker by Johnnie Walker—an easy choice seeing as the undead humanoid race known as the White Walkers are a Game of Thrones reference that even the most casual of fans can pick up on, as well as one that perfectly fits with the Johnnie Walker name.

Details on the new partnership are, like much about forthcoming Game of Thrones’ projects, frustratingly sparse. The announcement was made via a short, 20-second video teaser on social media that revealed essentially nothing beyond the product name and the fact that this Scotch is an actual partnership with HBO. Other than that, all Johnnie Walker had to say was “Stay tuned for more details in the coming months!”

Thankfully, patience is something Game of Thrones’ fans have had to learn whether they want to or not. Assuming White Walker does arrive this fall, that will still beat out Game of Thrones’ eighth and final season premiere date which has been pushed to 2019. And another good thing about Scotch, since it ages well, hopefully this Game of Thrones whisky will still be drinkable when the next A Song of Ice and Fire book is released… and hopefully that's sometime before the year 2300.