The 'Wonder Woman' actress steals the last fry from angry cast members during a tense international incident.
snl gal gadot
Credit: NBC / Getty Images

In a new cut-for-time Saturday Night Live sketch, Israeli actress, model and Wonder Woman star, Gal Gadot plays a French fry thief in the midst of impending nuclear destruction. The video was intended for last Saturday's SNL episode but didn't air.

The scene (which is vaguely reminiscent of a Beastie Boys video) opens at a fast food restaurant where SNL regulars Kyle Mooney and Beck Bennett sit eating some cheeseburgers and plate of large French fries. On the television above them, the news warns of an approaching nuclear missile headed from North Korea toward the U.S.

Gadot waltzes into the fast food joint as the missile is launched and steals the last fry from the boys. Pandemonium ensues around them, but Mooney and Bennet fail to notice. What they’re really concerned about is that last fry. Frankly, they’re shocked at Gadot's audacity. They mourn the fried potato’s loss, explaining in rhyme “there’s just a few simple rules when you hang with the guys, and rule number one, don’t eat the last fry!”

Gadot pleads with the boys to flee with her and the crowd but Mooney and Bennet really couldn’t be bothered. Instead, they respond with “The Last Fry Dance” and more silly lyrics.

In the end, the U.S. intercepts the missile and Gadot, and those around her rejoice. But the boys aren’t having any of it. “First you took the last fry and now you won’t let us finish our song about it? Come on dude!” they scream, still oblivious to the major event that just unfolded.

Obviously, since food can be pretty funny, this isn’t the first time SNL used a food business as a setting—and not the first time one has ended up on the cutting room floor. In another unaired sketch, Melissa McCarthy parodied the retired game show Supermarket Sweep. Hilarious as they are, we only wonder why these sketches didn’t make the cut!