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The detail is striking.

Clara Olshansky
Updated May 24, 2017

These fruit carvings are ridiculously gorgeous. A Japanese artist known to the internet as Gaku has been posting incredibly beautiful food sculptures to Instagram, most of which involve carving into the surface of fruits and vegetables. Whether he's carving geometric designs into the cross section of an apple so quickly that the apple doesn't brown one bit or carving Big Hero 6 characters out of tiny vegetables, Gaku's work is pretty incredible.

On the off chance that you have trypophobia, a fear of clusters of holes, you probably won't be into these though. After all, many of Gaku's designs involve carving lots of tiny holes into the surface of fruit. (Incidentally, if you are a self-diagnosed trypophobe, never Google Image search trypophobia. Ever.)

Many of the designs that Gaku uses reference a long history of patterns in traditional Japanese work. Others reference contemporary Japanese images, like this eggplant carving of Freeza from Dragon Ball Z.

Others go way past just carving the surface, like this impossible-looking chain carved out of a carrot.

Some of the sculptures straight up belong in a museum.

Take, for example, this chrysanthemum carved out of radish or these turtles carved out of potatoes.

For more gorgeous sculptures, follow Gaku's Instagram, gakugakugaku1.

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