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Spoiler: She still loves August

Morgan Goldberg
Updated May 24, 2017
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Eight years ago, Gail Simmons gave Grub Street a full rundown of everything she ate for five days. But a few things have changed for Gail since then. The F&W director of special projects and Top Chef judge now has her own production company, is writing a cookbook and is a mother to 2-year-old Dahlia. Thus, her food diary has evolved a bit.

In honor of the Grub Street Diet’s 10th Anniversary, Gail was called on as one of Grub’s favorite subjects to file an updated Diet. You won’t be surprised that Gail is still eating at some of New York City’s best restaurants (think: Wildair and Rebelle), but she also hits up more casual spots in Brooklyn like El Atoradero for tacos, 3D’s Place for Jamaican patties and South Brooklyn Pizza for a slice with her family (and F&W Editor Nilou Motamed). And of course, August is still one of her favorites.

Gail is also killing the snack game, from air-popped popcorn with olive oil and chili salt to Canadian Smarties. We’re also dying to try the Have’a Corn Chips she’s obsessed with and her Sweet Revenge coconut sugar. Her daughter, however, would choose olives over anything else.

Gail's morning meals range from homemade breakfast sandwiches, which she makes complete with pickles, to copious bananas in the F&W office, which we can relate to. Plus, we were psyched to hear details about the delicious-sounding recipes Gail is testing for her upcoming cookbook.

While we’re waiting for its arrival, we’ll be cooking some of her favorite recipes and desserts.