Learn How to Make Gabriela Cámara's Famous Tuna Tostadas

The Contramar chef's new MasterClass also demos al pastor tacos.

Over the years, MasterClass has amassed a sprawling library of culinary courses. There's French pastry fundamentals from Dominique Ansel, and "the art of home cooking" by Alice Waters; recently, Massimo Bottura joined with a slew of recipes from Italy's Emilia-Romagna region. Today, the platform announced its newest instructor—Gabriela Cámara, the powerhouse chef behind Contramar in Mexico City, Cala in San Francisco, and recently, Onda in Santa Monica.

In conversation with Food & Wine, Cámara said she's excited to be the first Mexican chef to make a MasterClass, and that she loves representing women and Mexican culture in the United States.

Gabriela Cámara MasterClass

"It's become a very important personal and political issue that I never thought I would work on at all, let alone experience or have every day be part of my life," she said. "I think that started happening when I opened Cala, and it just happens to be that a Mexican restaurant, run by a woman in the United States, now is also something political. I'm excited about that; I'm excited about people being excited about that and looking forward to seeing the steps for certain recipes—food that they are all, very fortunately in the United States, very interested in."

Over the course of 13 video lessons, Cámara covers everything from the importance and nutritional value of corn in Mexico to seafood sustainability. There will be plenty of recipes to try along the way, too, including two of Contramar's signature dishes. The first is tostadas de atun (tuna tostadas), and the other is the restaurant's iconic red and green roasted fish, or pescado a la talla, which makes frequent appearances on Instagram.

Cámara will also guide viewers through making corn tortillas, two raw salsas (salsa verde cruda and salsa brava), golden quesadillas, huevos rancheros, aguachile de camaron, tamales de guayaba (dessert guava tamales), and tacos al pastor, a Mexico City street food staple. Cámara jokes in the trailer that "the only rule for eating a taco is that once you have it ready, you don't put it down. You just finish it."

Those interested can purchase access solely to her MasterClass for a one-time fee of $90, or gain access to all MasterClass courses for a yearly fee of $180. Other chefs on the platform include Wolfgang Puck and Gordon Ramsay; barbecue legend Aaron Franklin has a MasterClass, too, and he breaks down exactly how to prepare Central Texas-style brisket. To see the full list of chef courses, head to MasterClass's website.

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