Replay Lincoln Park’s latest pop-up, which debuts in May, draws inspiration from the infamously messy festival.


Just when you thought the Fyre Festival buzz had finally died down, it’s back—in the form of a pop-up bar. Chicago’s Replay Lincoln Park arcade bar, which regularly hosts themed pop-ups and events (there’s Game of Thrones bingo on April 3, if you’re interested), will turn into a Fyre Fest-inspired space from May 3 through May 19, reports Eater. While the news broke Monday, drawing some suspicion—it was April Fools’ Day, after all—Eater reports a spokesperson has confirmed that Replay's next thematic takeover will, in fact, be Fyre Festival. And if you check out the bar's Facebook page, it seems to confirm the event, cheekily posting "have you noticed that it's not April Fool's Day anymore and we haven't deleted the announcement." (In other good news, the restaurant owner who was scammed by the Fyre Festival got her money back thanks to a GoFundMe campaign, so make sure you visit her restaurant on your next trip.)

Fyre Festival
Credit: Courtesy of The Cinemart/Hulu

According to the Chicago Tribune's RedEye, the pop-up will involve palm trees, cabanas, relief tents (modeled after the images of the dome-shaped ones that went viral, no doubt), and beach chairs—as for food and drink? "Gourmet cheese sandwiches" are on the menu, as a nod to the open-faced cheese slice and bread sandwiches Fyre Festival attendees found upon arrival (which inspired a $25 slice of pizza). Guests can also expect “tiki drinks” at the bar, including a Frozen Rum Runner, Hibiscus Margarita, and Pineapple Upside Down Martini. Admission to the pop-up is free; however, if you want to attend the opening night party, tickets (described as “Express entry with a Fishbowl Cocktail”) round out at $21.97, and you can purchase them here.

Currently, Replay Lincoln Park is decked out as a Game of Thrones pop-up ahead of the (final) season eight premiere on April 14, with themed beer from Brewery Ommegang, a replica of the Iron Throne, and a dragon. Past themed takeovers include The Office, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and Rick and Morty. While you wait for the Fyre festivities to begin on May 3, there's plenty of Game of Thrones activities coming up, so if you’re a super fan, don’t miss out. In addition to bingo, there’s a "Wight Walk" on April 6, which is essentially a 5k race where you dress up as a zombie or a human, depending on your preference (with free beer, a t-shirt, and “dragon jerky” as a reward); on April 14, there’s a finale pre-show party, to “toast to the new season and petition George R. R. Martin to finish his book,” per the bar’s event page.