By Phoebe Melnick
Updated November 01, 2016

French fries. They’re often thought of only as a side dish that can be swapped out for a salad or potato chips. But we’re here to tell you to shut that nonsense down - fries are extremely necessary.

These three New York spots especially embody the possibilities fries can offer.

Mister Dips

First off, this place is located in an Airstream on the roof of the William Vale hotel. They serve amazing burgers but most importantly really awesome fries. They use waffle fries – which we personally find to be the superior fry shape – and they layer toppings. There’s spicy cheese, sriracha verde and paprika to name a few. But hurry, because it’s getting cold out and the Airstream won’t be open for much longer this fall.

Emmy Squared

This Brooklyn spot is well known for the their incredible Detroit-style pizza and spicy chicken sandwich. But they should also be known for their okonomi fries. Emmy Squared covers them in Japanese barbecue sauce, kewpie mayo and handfuls of bonito flakes. And most importantly, again, they use waffle fries. These fries are sweet, salty and fishy (yes, fishy) in the best way possible.

J.G. Melon

It’s a well known fact their cottage fries are absolutely addictive. But now the downtown location is taking it up another notch with their happy hour "Hot Mess" fries. They’re topped with cheese, chili, sour cream, jalapenos and scallions. They’re everything you want in fries and then some. Order a burger on the side (yes, burgers take second billing to these fries) and you won’t be disappointed.

There are obviously more places to eat fries and we want to know about all of them, so let us know your favorite places in the comments so we can try every fry in the city.