By FWx Editors
Updated September 23, 2014
Alex on set.
| Credit: © Erika Gable

We did it everyone. We made it to GMALive!’s Social Square this morning where our own Alex Vallis got to hang out with Dan Abrams and Sara Haines to show off the ways in which we have perfected bacon bowl technology. After playing around with Perfect Bacon Bowls for a little too long, we showed up with not only bowls of bacon, but cookie bowls and, our favorite, potato chip bowls. (To recreate cookie bowls, make sure to use foil so that the frozen dough doesn't stick. When working with potato, toss lengthwise slices in olive oil before draping across the molds for the same reason.)

We also honored fans who shared their bacon bowl dreams last week: A shout-out to @JenRyanNYC for her winning suggestion of "GUACAMOLE BABY." We heard you loud and clear and loved it for Cinco de Mayo next week. Honorable mention goes to @staceyNYCDC for the brilliant idea to use a bacon bowls "as the 'crust' for a mini Quiche Lorraine." And we love @JPopeKC and @EABarclay3's tips to fill bacon bowls with pulled pork and beans. Watch the clip here (skip to 11:20).

If you have any ideas for food experiments you’d like to see, bacon or otherwise, let use know by tweeting @foodandwine with #FWx.