By FWx Editors
Updated February 27, 2015
© Alex Vallis

Consumed with jealousy over Japan's easy access to cat marshmallows, FWx reached out to the experimental pros at Dominique Ansel Bakery to develop an even cuter mashmanimal. And this one doesn't even need to withstand a transcontinental trip. We are now pleased to present, for your hot chocolate-dunking pleasure, swimming penguin marshmallows! A much more natural fit for a hot cocoa bath than a cat, in our opinion, each one takes two hours to engineer. And that's after extensive R&D. Ansel’s sous chef, Karys Logue, worked on pigs, bears and ducks before this penguin rose through the foam to conquer all. The tiny works of art are available at the SoHo shop and can be ordered for pick-up in advance from the bakery’s online store. OK, each one is an admittedly steep $7, but it has to be molded, colored and assembled by hand before it can luxuriate in your warm beverage of choice. There’s still a few weeks of hot cocoa season left; you’ll definitely be happier if you spend some of that time with one of these little guys. Don't forget to tag your Instagram photos with #cozyscenario for the chance to be featured in @foodandwine's feed. We don't take responsibility for your lips being dyed black in exchange for the experience.