Our December gift guide only had room for 40 items. Here are three more, from a steal to a splurge, that I'd almost love to receive more than give.

$5 and up
Me & Goji Cereals
This brilliant new service from a New Hampshire–based company allows you to custom-design your own breakfast cereal—or your friends'. Drag and drop your favorite flakes, nuts and dried fruits into the website bowl, name your mix and send it off in a 100% post-consumer-recycled-material cylinder to your favorite cereal junkie.

$25 and up
Colson Patisserie Financiers
Financiers: also known as God's Perfect Cookies. My favorite Brooklyn bakery, Colson Patisserie, just launched an online store. Their pistachio financiers are moist and fragrant, adorably small and hopelessly addictive. A tin of 30 should be just enough for one.

$100 and up
Roseda Beef Boxes
Roseda raises Angus cattle just north of Baltimore, MD, and ships its corn-finished, dry-aged natural beef nationwide. Themed packages include "Keeping It Lean," ($97 for seven of the most low-fat portions, like Tri-Tip and Culotte Steaks), or the higher-rolling "No Bones About It" ($187 for 10 boneless cuts like, Filet Mignon and Delmonico steaks, plus four of Roseda's amazing dry-aged steak burgers). Definitely share with friends.