Create your own perfect moment with the richness of slow-melting dark chocolate paired with a wine specially selected to enhance its nuanced flavors

By Food & Wine
Updated March 31, 2015
Photo courtesy of GHIRARDELLI

Just one sublime moment of indulgence is all it takes to make an ordinary day great, or to put a memorable end cap on a special evening. And when you pair a fine dark chocolate with a wine that brings out its complex range of flavors, a perfect moment of harmonious tastes is exactly what you create. INTENSE DARK is a line of exquisite dark chocolates from the master chocolatiers at Ghirardelli. Made with a high cacao content, these decadent bars are luxuriously deep and velvety, with a rich, glossy sheen. Infused with superior-quality ingredients that add another level of flavor and texture, they’re perfect for enjoying alongside fine wines and spirits, and a diverse array of other complementary foods.

Try Intense Dark Twilight Delight®, which contains 72% cacao dark chocolate and showcases notes of mocha, blackberry and dark cherry, with a Cabernet Sauvignon or a snifter of Cognac. Sea Salt Soiree® – with its bursts of sea salt and crunchy roasted almonds – is a perfect match for a dark beer like a porter or stout, or even an añejo tequila. Or nibble a piece of Midnight Reverie®, an intensely flavored 86% cacao dark chocolate with hits of dried cherries and plums, with Syrah, vintage Port, or Sauternes.

Plan your own perfect moment by pairing any of the eight luxurious varieties of INTENSE DARK with your favorite wine, spirit, tea, or snack. Have fun experimenting with your own creative combinations, or explore other tempting suggestions in the Intense Dark Chocolate Pairing Guide at

Austin Food & Wine Festival

On April 26-27, 2014 attendees at the Austin Food & Wine Festival had the opportunity to savor the intense indulgence of Ghirardelli, the exclusive chocolate of the Grand Tasting. Ghirardelli was also enjoyed in the VIP lounge and at the Sips and Sweets Dessert Party. Guests sampled Midnight Reverie ice-cream sundaes, wine pairings with Trinchero Family Estates and Williamson Wines, and experienced a moment of sweet escape with on-site massage–all provided by Ghirardelli.