The future is here, and it’s hosting great dinner parties.

By Justine Sterling
Updated May 24, 2017
© Jürgen Schwope

The most brilliant table ever was recently exhibited at Milan’s design week. Perfect for entertaining, the Smart Slab table from designers Kram/Weisshaar can keep plates warm, drinks cold and even cook food.

The elegant, space-age-looking black-and-white table has a ceramic top with plate-sized induction rings to warm food (but not burn diners), as well as other induction rings that can be heated to temperatures high enough to cook food. The surface is also embedded with thermoelectric cooling devices that keep drinks pleasantly chilled. But that’s not all—the table can be further customized to include touch panels, wireless charging modules and wifi stations.

The idea for this Jetsons-esque table occurred to design duo Clemens Weisshaar and Reed Kram when Iris Ceramic challenged the team to come up with new ways to use SapienStone, an ultra-slim, high-tech ceramic tile, which was originally used as an architectural surfacing material. They came up with the idea for a table and started collaborating with chef Massimo Bottura of Italy’s famed Osteria Francescana restaurant. “Massimo loved the idea that you could just work on the surface for the preparation, the cooking, and potentially the eating of the food on one surface,” Weisshaar told dezeen. He also loved how a table like the Smart Slab could help cut back on cleaning. “It takes ages to clean a kitchen,” he said. But the Smart Slab could simply be wiped down after service.

While you can’t order a Smart Slab quite yet, the designers are working with the ceramics company to figure out how to start manufacturing the customizable tables and selling them to customers. We recommend you start saving up now—chances are they won’t be cheap.

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