Yeah, this is a real thing.
fur loco
Credit: Courtesy of Apollo Peak

Like many hardworking Americans, our lives are a never ending cycle of caffeine-fueled highs during the day and alcohol-induced chill-outs at night – the way nature intended. Last year, the Colorado-based company Apollo Peak introduced non-alcoholic wine for cats, quickly followed by wine for dogs, to allow our furry friends to enjoy the simple pleasure of an evening wind down. But what if your pet, like you, needs a little pick-me-up to get them through the day? Well, say hello to Apollo Peak’s latest line of products: “Fur Loco.”

Much like the brand’s Pinot Meow and Zinfantail which are basically “wine” in name only, Apollo Peak’s Fur Loco drinks thankfully have little in common with the infamous beverage they are named after. Rest assured that though the beverages do purport to have some effect on animals, the four beet juice-based Fur Loco varieties aren’t packed with caffeine or any other unfriendly ingredients. Fur Loco Purple has added peppermint extract intended to give your dog fresh breath and aid in relaxation. The Pink variety contains a mix of catnip and valerian extract which the company says will likely cause “a combination of super excitement initially, followed by several hours of mellow content.” Fur Loco Blue, with its mix of valerian root and chamomile, claims to be “great for calming dogs.” And lastly, the Green version contains hempseed oil and lemongrass which is designed to “relax and calm your dog after a long day of barking.”

Fur Loco, like Cat Wine and Dog Wine before it, ain’t cheap. Just over four ounces of the stuff will set you back $8.95 – or way more than a can of human Four Loko. But in case you think this is all a joke, during a recent visit to the show Shark Tank, Apollo Peak founder Brandon Zavala revealed he was laughing all the way to the bank: He claimed that in the previous three month, his company had sold $192,000 worth of pet wine and is looking to do between $1.2 and $1.5 million in sales this year.

“$192K in three months? Some pet owners are crazy!” Shark Tank investor Daymond John tweeted after the April appearance. Turns out that might just be the tip of the crazy iceberg.