By Noah Kaufman
Updated April 07, 2016
Beautiful bright work from COMMISSARY
© Audrey Ma

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival (Coachella for the big hat wearing cool kids) has consistently put together some of the most impressive lineups of any major music festival in the country. But organizers have, rather quietly over the years, assembled a culinary lineup that’s just as good. We say quietly, not because Coachella doesn’t want you to know about their food, but because it’s just tough to compete for top billing against more than 100 bands. The days of outdated festival fare—oversized (and overpriced) pretzels or limp hot dogs—at big outdoor events like Coachella are, fortunately, permanently behind us. This year’s food lineup for the general public includes the likes of Blue Bottle coffee from San Francisco, McConnell’s Fine Ice Cream from Santa Barbara and LA’s beloved (and formerly illegal) purveyors of chili crab and tofu balls, Starry Kitchen to name a few. And in a shift this year there won't be any food trucks. Festival goers will pack around food stalls and, because this is Coachella, food yurts.

Perhaps the best food experience in the dessert though, will be the second iteration of Coachella’s full service pop-up restaurants. Andy Ricker, Roy Choi and Ricardo Zarate will be cooking outdoors and battling the desert wind with full service versions of their Pok Pok, COMMISSARY and Rosaline (opening soon) restaurants respectively. The pop-ups will serve sit down meals complete with the ability to make reservations so you don’t have to mess with all the chemically-enhanced riffraff wandering the grounds. The full service restaurants will only be available to people in the VIP area though, so if you don’t have the special wrist band to get you in yet, you better gird yourself to drop a lot of money on Craigslist where passes are topping the $1200 mark. But to escape the Coachella hoards and have a chance to sit in the shade and eat some of Pok Pok’s grilled corn with coconut cream (it might sound too simple to be outstanding, but trust us, it is not) might just be worth the cost.

Check out the full food line-up below and to make reservations for any of the restaurants head over to OpenTable—right now there are plenty still available for all three (links for Pok Pok, COMMISSARY and Rosaline).

Coachella Food Lineup

Afters Ice Cream
Backyard Bowls
Beer Belly
Blue Bottle
Clover Juice
Donut Farm
Free Range
Fritzi Dog
GD Bro Burger
Guerrilla Tacos
Hanjip Korean BBQ
Indie Jams
Kind Kreme
Mallow Mallow
McConnell’s Fine Ice Cream
Ramen Hood
Rocco’s Sweet Shoppe
Smitten Ice Cream
Starry Kitchen x Button Mash
Sumo Dog
Superba Food + Bread
Sweetfin Poke
The Church Key
Three Jerks Filet Mignon Jerky
Top Round Roast Beef