New York’s Captain Lawrence Brewing will begin selling cans of an official Fudgie the Beer today.

fudgie the whale form carvel
Credit: Courtesy of Carvel Ice Cream

They say you can’t have your cake and eat it too. But in the case of Carvel’s legendary Fudgie the Whale ice cream cake, from today until Father’s Day, you can have your Fudgie and drink it too.

In an official collaboration that is sure to excite many an inner child (assuming that inner child is 21), Carvel—which can trace its origins back to Hartsdale in New York’s Hudson Valley—teamed up with the nearby Captain Lawrence Brewing Company for Fudgie the Beer, a 6-percent ABV stout that “included Carvel Signature Crunchies and Fudge in the mash, as well as Carvel Fudge in the tank,” according to brewery founder and brewmaster Scott Vaccaro. “There’s a whole bunch of Carvel chocolate in this beer, and it works so well. The beer is a touch roasty, with sweet chocolate undertones and aroma of chocolate, fudge and hops.”

Fudgie the Beer
Credit: Courtesy of Carvel

So how did Fudgie get into brewing? “The collaboration came about when Carvel and their PR team, who are big fans of Captain Lawrence, approached us at Captain Lawrence, who are even bigger lifelong fans of Carvel,” Vaccaro continued. “They came to us about collaborating on Fudgie the Father’s Day Float. My love of chocolate and ice cream was installed in me at a young age, by my mother, who is both a choc-aholic as well as a life-long fan of Carvel. The chance to brew a beer with Fudgie and serve a Fudgie-inspired milkshake at our brewery is exciting, experimental and nostalgic all at the same time.”

Intended as a tie-in for Father’s Day by merging both a childhood and adult decadence, fewer than 100 cases of Fudgie the Beer will be released in 16-ounce cans (featuring some pretty stylish Fudgie the Whale labels) starting at 4 p.m. today—May 30—exclusively at Captain Lawrence’s onsite Beer Hall in Elmsford. Then, as Father’s Day approaches, the brewery plans to up the stakes by offering those Fudgie the Beer stout milkshakes beginning on June 6.

“For over 40 years, Father’s Day has been traditionally celebrated with Carvel’s iconic mascot, Fudgie the Whale. This year, we wanted to give dads another reason to celebrate,” said Scott Colwell, president of Carvel. “We know dads love ice cream cake and, on a hot summer day, nothing beats a cold beer! So, we decided to combine dads’ two favorite things: Fudgie the Whale and craft beer. We reached out to Captain Lawrence, a family owned brewery in Elmsford, NY, to create the special blend. To our delight, the delicious flavors of Fudgie shine through in this uniquely decadent brew.”

Adding to the fun, Captain Lawrence released a promotional YouTube video showing just how involved Fudgie the Whale (or, you know, some dude in a Fudgie costume) was involved in the production of the beer. You can see that Fudgie himself dumped those chocolate crunchies into the brew kettle along with other ingredients like malt and hops. It really does look like more fun than anyone should sensibly be having while working—even if it is making beer. But as the brewery explains, this project was “our childhood and adulthood all in one!”