Captain Lawrence Brewing is offering preorders of its Carvel collab.
Fudgie the Beer
Credit: Courtesy of Carvel

Quirky collaboration beers are all the rage these days. We’ve seen everyone from Dunkin’ Donuts to Lululemon team up with brewers to create official branded suds. That said, some concepts are more buzzworthy than others, and when Carvel teamed up with Captain Lawrence Brewing to create an official beer from one of its most popular ice cream cakes, Fudgie the Whale. the resulting Fudgie the Beer was a media darling.

The nostalgia-driven product proved so popular that Captain Lawrence quickly sold out of the beer during two separate releases, despite only offering these cans at the brewery, leaving many Fudgie lovers upset that they weren’t able to try the 6-percent ABV stout made with Carvel Signature Crunchies and Fudge. So this time around, Captain Lawrence has decided to take a new approach for the beer’s third—and likely final—release, to hopefully prevent any further disappointment.

“We don’t want our Fudgie Fans to have to wait in long lines or travel to the brewery in vain, so we are doing things a little bit differently this time around,” Captain Lawrence explains on its website. “For our final batch of Fudgie the Beer, we will be holding online pre-sales.”

These pre-sales began yesterday, and will be running through to August 5. Once your order is in, you’ll be able to pick up your cans from the brewery’s Elmsford, New York, Beer Hall during normal business hours anytime from August 10 to August 19. Captain Lawrence stressed that all orders much be picked up in person with a valid ID proving not only that you are 21 or older, but also that you are the person who actually placed the order. Beyond those rules, however, Captain Lawrence says guaranteeing your Fudgie the Beer this potentially final time around is “That simple!”

On Instagram, the brewery further elaborated that, even using this pre-sale system, pre-orders “will continue only while supplies last,” and “we do expect Fudgie to sell-out via pre-orders within the next few days.” Still, better to discover that the beer has sold out online rather than while waiting in line.

Fudgie the Beer is being sold in four-packs of 16-ounce cans for $18, and Captain Lawrence has set a max limit of one case per person (aka 24 total cans).

Needless to say, this official Carvel collaboration beer ranks extremely high on the fun novelty scale; however, whether it lives up to the hype taste-wise would appear to be a lingering question. The popular beer rating app Untappd shows the brew with a score of just 3.55 across 188 ratings (anything above a 4.00 is usually considered world-class whereas 3.50 is pretty pedestrian). Still, it’s also possible expectations are just so high that the beer is a victim of its own buzz. And let’s be honest: In today’s beer scene where the choices seem endless, novelty actually goes a long way. At the very least, Fudgie the Whale will look great as a part of your growing beer can art collection.