Lavender rubs, hooved tables and more farm-fresh ideas.

Fresh Rubs & Scrubs


Courtesy of Farmaesthetics

Organic Beauty

Farmaesthetics buys organic ingredients from American family farms.

Natural Skin Care

The Body Deli's fruit- and vegetable-based organic scrubs are so fresh they need to be refrigerated.

Animal House

Heritage Breeds

Courtesy of Velocity Art and Design

Heritage Breeds inspired these designs for the home

Simrin's linen place mats—each silk-screened with a pig, hen, cow or sheep—bring the farm to the table. French design firm Ibride's hooved console table looks like it might walk away

Eco Update

Community Supported Agriculture

Courtesy of Fiber Farm

Community Supported Agriculture: New Ideas


Customers sign up in advance for fresh honey from Long Island, New York–based beekeeper Mary Woltz.


Durham, North Carolina's Scratch artisanal bakery offers a month's worth of seasonal savory pies. $65 for 4 weeks;


Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts's Fiber Farm turns mohair into yarn for "CSY" members.

Chicken-Coop Ceramics

Lisa Neimeth

Courtesy of Lisa Neimeth

There aren't many (or probably any) farmhouses in San Francisco. But designer Lisa Neimeth's house was once a dairy farm, and she has converted a chicken coop out back into a ceramics studio where she makes plates out of dark, rich California clay. Nearby Alemany Farm, where Neimeth volunteers, is also influential: "There's an old silo I've incorporated into a lot of my pieces, and my color palette reflects the land."


Multitasking Wineries