Frito-Lay Opened an Online Shop Selling Doritos Sweaters and Cheetos Onesies

Or you can get Smartfood socks, if you're more of a popcorn person.

Not that long ago, America's best-known food brands were launching quirky online shops as a novelty. Now, they're practically a necessity. Hidden Valley Ranch, Franzia boxed wine, Taco Bell… The list of non-clothing companies catering to diehard fans by selling leisurewear suddenly goes on and on. And for the 2020 holiday season, you can add Frito-Lay to that list.

Frito Lay Merch

Today, the snack giant announced that their website—already a hub for buying their edible products online—is now offering "holiday bundles" in a first-ever holiday shop section. There, fans will find sweaters, beanies, socks, scarves, and onesies from Frito-Lay brands including Cheetos, Doritos, Tostitos, Lay's, and Smartfood.

Frito Lay Merch

So, yes, that means you can find the "ugly" Doritos Christmas sweater you've been dreaming of (for $50.29 a pop). Or a bright yellow Lay's potato chip pom beanie that will make you the envy of your hunting expedition (for $14.29). Or an intensely orange, adult-sized Cheetos hooded onesie (for $78.79) to live out your best Chester Cheetah life. Or you can get Smartfood socks for $10.29. (Okay, maybe that last one isn't quite as fun.)

Frito Lay Merch

And by the way, the term "holiday bundles" is more than just a catchy name: Each product comes bundled with a bag of the snack that adorns it—perfect for getting your new clothing messy the first time you wear it.

Frito-Lay says the idea for the shop was inspired by a holiday commercial from last year featuring actress Anna Kendrick singing about her "favorite things," including some fun branded products. "We received such an overwhelming response to last year's 'Favorite Things' campaign from our fans asking how they could purchase a number of items in the spot that in 2020 we knew holiday sweaters were an absolute must, especially at a time when we're all looking for simple and fun ways to add some joy and cheer to our everyday lives while also creating new traditions with family and friends," Rachel Ferdinando, senior vice president and chief marketing officer for Frito-Lay North America, explained.

Frito-Lay also says that these items will only be available while supplies last. And if we've learned anything from other brand's quirky shops, often times, supplies don't last long. You can visit the shop at

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