The Friends-themed café will be opening inside the Manchester outpost of Primark.

By Mike Pomranz
Updated June 04, 2019
NBC / Getty Images

Despite the many similarities between the United States and the United Kingdom, whether a cultural phenomenon crosses the pond can be extremely hit or miss. For instance, British girl group Spice Girls hit number one on both shores, but just a year earlier, British boy band Take That barely cracked the Billboard charts despite being Britain’s top album. Heading the opposite direction, Seinfeld never found a U.K. audience, but to this day, Brits can turn on their television and catch Friends reruns seven nights a week.

Feeding into that lasting Friends frenzy, the Manchester Evening News reports that England will be getting an official Central Perk Café recreation later this month. Similar to how New York City got a month-long Central Perk pop-up to honor the show’s 20th anniversary, Manchester will be celebrating Friends’ 25th anniversary with a Warner Bros.-backed coffee shop of its own.

Set to open on June 12, the new Central Perk Café will be located inside the Manchester outpost of Primark – an international clothing chain somewhat similar to H&M (that has eight locations in the U.S.) The store says this will be the first time the fictional NYC coffee shop has been recreated in a shopping district. Previously, U.K. fans had to travel to the annual “Friends Fest” to sip coffee in a fake Central Perk.

Meanwhile, not only does Primark’s themed café promise to have plenty of Friends’ memorabilia –including the iconic orange couch, of course – it will also feature its own shopping section where fans can bring home all sorts of Friends-branded stuff. But though a big part of the café is moving merchandise, Tim Kelly, Primark’s director of new business development, told the Evening News that it will serve as a functional café, too, offering a New York-inspired menu. “Customers can relax and have fun there whilst also enjoying our amazing fashion at amazing prices in our Manchester store,” he said. Sounds like you should be able to find a top that matches “The Rachel” haircut.