Video of the stunt has gone viral, even getting praise from Subway itself.

By Elisabeth Sherman
August 25, 2017
Portland Press Herald/Getty Images

Imagine you’re working on your farm in North Dakota—Langdon, North Dakota to be exact, a tiny town home to not more than 2,000 people, and a four-hour drive to the capital of the state, Bismarck. The area is mostly flat farm land, humid in the summer, and when lunch time hits, you’re probably starving from the morning’s work and most likely facing a hike back to your (hopefully) air conditioned kitchen. A farmer in Langdon found himself in this precise situation on Wednesday afternoon, but thankfully he had a friend with a pilot's license to bail him out.

Nathan Howatt, a 23-year-old resident of the area, after flying himself—yes flying—home from a dentist appointment in nearby Devil’s Lake (more than an hour trip by car), decided to pay his friend a visit with a care package. According to a Snapchat video recorded by the farmer in question, with the caption “Thanks, buddy nice shot,” Howatt’s plane can be seen flying low to the ground before dropping a Subway sandwich out of the aircraft, then quickly ascending back up to the sky. Howatt’s corresponding Snapchat post, which shows him holding up the Subway bag in the cockpit of his plane, reads, “toasted Subway melt care package [with] pepper jack cheese, ranch, and banana peppers, coming your way.”

Since the airdrop was posted on Facebook, it’s been shared four million times, but Howatt—recognizing the potential danger of the stunt—says he doesn’t condone that type of flying, and is “shocked” that a small town farmer could have a viral video, according to the West Fargo Pioneer. Even Subway got in on the action, reposting the video with the caption, “Friend level: expert.”

Will bringing your partner dinner after a long day, or delivering lunch to a friend during work, ever be quite as meaningful after Howatt’s show of love for his hungry compatriot? No, probably not. But airplane or no airplane, it's the thought that counts.