The medical student-turned-food artist molds her egg-spiration into clever recreations of popular brands, art, and locations.
fried egg overhead
Credit: Westend61 / Getty Images

A Mexican Instagrammer is creating food art that will make you egg-static. Michele Baldini, a 20-year-old medical student from Mexico is transforming Instagram’s #breakfast tag with her love for a morning dish staple: eggs. Incorporating the protein product into food art—particularly breakfast based creations—isn’t new, but Baldini’s egg-centric approach is both fun and one-of-a-kind in that it relies solely on the egg as artistic material. The young woman behind Instagram’s the_eggsihibit account has fried up more than 40 different artistic egg-pressions (and garnered nearly 10,000 followers since October) using only a black frying pan as her canvas. Her work has included recognizable images from popular culture like Pac-Man and Star Wars, famous food brands like McDonald’s and Starbucks, as well as entire continents and countries.

“It all started when I saw a yin and yang symbol made out of a fried egg. I thought it looked cool so I decided I would give it a shot,” Baldini told the Belfast Telegraph. “It came out quite well, and after that, I just kept getting ideas of things that I thought would look cool made out of eggs.”

While Baldini’s first piece of fried egg art may have been the Yin-Yang symbol, the artist has admitted to playing with other foods to create delicious images. Ultimately though, eggs remain her favorite medium, and once you see what she can do with a yolk and a white, you’ll understand why. Here are 15 of Baldini’s most egg-shattering works of food art.

Howl’s it going?

Perusing Baldini’s Instagram account, you can see how she cooks her eggs to different consistencies to help pull off the imagery. Here the young artist uses the natural coloring and shape of the yolk to capture a natural image: wolves howling at the moon.


Baldini has turned one of her creations—an egg-inspired rocket ship—into a fun animation, featuring a rare appearance from bacon.

Breakfast on the Gogh

One of Vincent Van Gogh’s most popular paintings is also a big inspiration among Instagram’s food artists. Baldini gave recreating “Starry Night” a go herself, layering the white over a fried yolk to get those lively, signature swirls.


Baldini has created several fried egg tributes to major food brands, but this rendition of McDonald’s french fries is perhaps the cleverest use of the egg yolk’s natural color to help bring her image to life.

By Dr. Dregg

There are quite a few celebrity-inspired music brands out there, but Baldini pays tribute to Dr. Dre’s headphone and audio line in this recreation of the Beats by Dre logo.


What would any collection of food art be without a little Harry Potter appreciation? If we didn’t know any better, we’d think Baldini cast a spell to make this sign of the deathly hallows.


Here the Baldini pays homage to one of our most famous arcade games. We’d have to agree with Pac-Man as that ghost does look good enough to eat.

New Yolk City

Baldini is clearly inspired by locations, with fried egg pieces illustrating entire continents like Africa and food capitals like Italy. But the egg artist gives the Big Apple a special kind of artistic treatment with this recreation of the New York City skyline featuring the Statue of Liberty and a yolky flame.


There’s a little irony in using an egg to create an egg-lustration of Apple’s iconic fruit-inspired logo.

The Death Star Eggsploded!

With The Last Jedi’s highly anticipated (and well received) box office run, it’s not hard to see why Baldini would have created two Star Wars inspired pieces of egg art. This one pays tribute to the infamous world killer, while the other is a punny nod to Storm Troopers.

Eggs and Coffee

Starbucks has become one of our most recognizable breakfast drink brands. The_eggshibit pays tribute to the coffee company with this egg-crafted depiction of its famous mermaid girl logo.

Meggsico & The World

Baldini’s egg illustration of Mexico is certainly special, but so is her rather beautiful recreation of the globe using cooked and carefully shaped egg yolks.

My Kind of Coneggtion

Like actual wifi, this rendering of the famous wifi symbol is helping connect food and art lovers across Instagram.

Get Your Morning Eggsercise

There are two ways you should start your day: with a good breakfast and a little exercise. Here Baldini uses the first to pay tribute to the second.

Yolko Ono Would Approve

Musician and artist Yoko Ono is famous for her love of ice cream. She once admitted that she loves it so much she dreams about it, which makes this fried egg tribute to a sweet treat—and sweet artist—perfect.