By Carey Jones
Updated April 14, 2016
Courtesy of Pizza Romana

How many delicious words can you fit into one menu item? Pizza, sandwich, and spicy fried chicken all in one? That’s the word at Pizza Romana in Los Angeles, where the starring sandwich is made with wood-fired “pizza bread” that’s every bit as tasty as the pizzas themselves.

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According to owner Alex Palermo, Cube, the predecessor to Pizza Romana, was known across the city for its popular spicy fried chicken. This sandwich is a re-creation of that super-crunchy, spiced-up, gorgeously golden-brown chicken — folded up in pizza bread, because who can resist pizza bread?

The bread. Said pizza bread is fermented for 24 hours before it’s stretched and baked in their wood fired oven.

The filling. Pizza Romana marinates the chicken itself in extra-virgin olive oil, herbs, and lemon; then dip it in buttermilk and a spiced batter (spiced exactly how, they will not divulge) — before it’s fried in a blend of sunflower and olive oil ’til crispy. Then on goes the coleslaw, serve it with chips and homemade ranch dressing, and you’ve got a sandwich for the ages.