Plus a rapped recipe for chicken stir-fry.
Credit: MARTY MELVILLE/Getty Images

Most weeks the Internet is a bevy of odd and wonderful food finds, and this week is no exception. Here are some of the viral, curious, and downright funny things we've seen popping up our feeds so far.

Fried Chicken Explosions

KFC in Korea is debuting a spicy new fried chicken. And what better way to show how fiery the new wings and drumsticks are than to turn them into explosions?

JunsKitchen Takes on American-Style Sushi

Jun and his adorable cats have walked us through making all manner of Japanese dishes. In this episode, he takes American maki up a notch with a few more authentically Japanese twists.

Offset Raps a Stir-Fry Recipe

On the Tonight Show's segment "Audience Suggestion Box," one viewer asked if Migos member Offset could rap his recipe for chicken stir fry. So he did.

Sam Neill Drinks Wine With Chickens

If you're not following Jurrasic Park actor Sam Neill on Twitter, you should be. The Brit posts photos of his travels (with two plastic pigs) and his adventures running his New Zealand wine farm, including popping a bottle with some chickens.

A Tiny Kitchen Gets a Big Remodel

Financial start-up SoFi had an eye-catching way to get some attention online: Part Property Brothers and part tiny food craze, this video imagines a miniature kitchen getting a makeover.