By Matt McCue
Updated March 10, 2014
Chicken-Fried Bacon and Waffles
Courtesy of Swine Southern Table & Bar

Country-Fried Bacon & Waffles; Swine Southern Table & Bar; Coral Gables, Florida
At this temple of pork, chef Phillip Bryant gives chicken-fried bacon the center stage atop cheddar cheese waffles drizzled in honey hot sauce and bourbon maple syrup.

Crackpot Inspiration: “Chicken and waffles is a great dish but everybody is doing it nowadays,” says Bryant. “We wanted to focus ours on the hog.”

Outrageous Innovation: Chicken-frying bacon, as if it weren’t rich enough on its own. Bryant dunks it in batter, then deep-fries it until it’s golden and crisp. Somewhere, the makers of Lipitor are smiling.

Detox Level: