By Mike Pomranz
Updated September 04, 2015

A fire breaks out in a neighboring apartment in your building. What do you do? If you’re Robert Wright, you save your family, save your ribs and save yourself—in that order.

Wright was barbecuing some ribs at around 3 a.m. on Tuesday when he noticed a fire in a nearby apartment that forced him and his family to evacuate the premises. Not long after the incident, he was approached by a cameraman for KMPH Fox 26, who interviewed him about what happened. “Only thing I think first, man, make sure them ribs is right.” Predictably, the interview has since gone viral on YouTube.

Moments later, Wright slightly amends the story, stating, “First thing, I got my kid, and I thought about my ribs, and I didn’t want to let my ribs burn and stuff because I take pride in what I do.” It’s easy to see how the ribs were still first and foremost on Wright’s mind: He was holding them, at camera level, throughout his entire interview. And I’ll be damned if they didn’t look delicious (maybe even with a bit of added smoke flavor now).