Why go out and buy rosé when you can get bottles costing as little as $6 delivered straight to your door?
Credit: Ekaterina Molchanova/Getty Images

The more rosé you have, the better your summer will be. It's science. On the beach, by the pool, in the park—it's all fair game, and luckily for you, yet another grocery store is putting its massive stock of rosé on sale (Whole Foods and Lidl have both recently held big wine sales). This time, it’s FreshDirect, and you get to choose from 50 different bottles.

The sale is cheekily called “50 Shades of Rosé.” The 50 bottles included in the sale are 15 percent off, but if you’re having trouble choosing, the FreshDirect wine team put together a list of 10 of their recommendations.

There are also deals on wine bundles, which means that you have no excuse not to try multiple bottles: You can snag two bottles for $25, or four bottles for $40. Best of all, FreshDirect’s prices are already amazing: The least expensive wine on the list is $6, while the most expensive is only $50.

FreshDirect has a good range of styles available: from light, dry varieties, to canned rosé as well as bottles from places like Argentina and New Zealand. You’ll likely want to stock up on a box (or two?) to help you get through the summer. Invite all your friends over to help you drink it or keep it all for yourself—we won’t judge. You’ll have to hurry, though: The FreshDirect sale is only on for a week, from June 17 to the 24.

By the way, if you’re bored of drinking plain old rosé, check out our list of these fun ways upgrade your frosé this summer. And with a few extra bottles of rosé on hand, you’ll probably even be able to make your own at home.