Fresca Launches New Line of Canned Cocktails

The pre-mixed drinks are spiked with real vodka and tequila.

Fresca Mixed Vodka Spritz and Tequila Paloma
Photo: Courtesy of Fresca Mixed

The bio on Fresca's infrequently updated Instagram account says "Spoiler Alert: We're hard to find. But worth the wait." The grapefruit-flavored soda isn't as widely available as some of its other Coca-Cola-owned siblings, but those who love it really love it, and its vocal fan-base includes everyone from Today Show regular Carson Daly to, uh, The Deep and the rest of the Church of the Collective on Amazon Prime's "The Boys."

In addition to being a tasty standalone beverage, Fresca has also positioned itself as the perfect cocktail mixer: Its only Instagram Story Highlight is a collection of boozy collabs. But starting today, Fresca is leaning even harder into that part of its identity, with the release of Fresca Mixed, a new line of pre-mixed canned cocktails that combine the soda with premium spirits. The just-released drinks are the result of a licensing agreement between the Coca-Cola Company and Constellation Brands, whose brands include Corona, Modelo, Svedka Vodka, and Casa Noble Tequila.

"We know that Fresca drinkers today use the beverage as a mixer with alcohol spirits to create their favorite cocktails, in addition to enjoying it as a soft drink," Dan White, Chief of New Revenue Streams, for The Coca-Cola Company North America, said in a statement. "With the Constellation Brands teams' consumer-first approach and distilled beverage expertise, coupled with the delicious and classic grapefruit Fresca recipe created by The Coca-Cola Company, we believe people are going to be curious and excited to try the new Fresca Mixed canned cocktails as soon as it hits shelves."

Fresca Mixed has two varieties at its launch: Vodka Spritz and Tequila Paloma. The former combines Fresca with quadruple-distilled vodka, while the latter is an updated take on the Paloma cocktail, blending Fresca with Mexican tequila blanco. Both versions contain 100 calories per 12-ounce can, are 5 percent ABV, and are both gluten-free and contain no added sugar. Each four-pack has a suggested retail price of $9.99.

"We are thrilled to launch Fresca Mixed, a new line of premium, pre-mixed cocktails that bring together the deliciously bright and citrusy classic taste of Fresca and real vodka or tequila, alongside The Coca-Cola Company," Duke Zandstra, Vice President of Brand Marketing, Fresca Mixed, said. "We can't wait for both lifelong Fresca fans as well as new friends to the brand to enjoy these delicious, light cocktails in both Vodka Spritz and Tequila Paloma all year long."

And we can't wait to see if the Church of the Collective makes the switch to Fresca Mixed for Season Four of "The Boys."

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