By Carey Jones
Updated April 17, 2015
© Stacey Sun

Where: Terrine, Los Angeles

What: French onion soup, with its melty onions and layer of cheese, is all kinds of indulgent. But onion soup poutine? That's a whole other level. At Terrine in LA, the French fries are bathed in a classic onion soup and topped with a layer of aged Comté. You'll definitely need a fork, knife and spoon to properly finish it off (if you can handle that many implements on a weekend morning).

Pro Tip: This killer poutine is on Terrine's late-night menu, but those in the know can order it off-menu at brunch, too. Wash it down with something refreshing, like an Italian Soda with bitter Campari and Cynar paired with pilsner.

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