The food delivery craze that is sweeping the U.S. has hit Paris, too. 

By F&W Editors
Updated May 24, 2017
Baguette Frenchie
Credit: © Jim Franco Photography

When we think of Parisian dining, a few images usually come to mind: Chic city-dwellers lingering over long meals at outdoor cafes; romantic dinners at dimly lit bistros; and urban professionals headed home with freshly baked baguettes in their fashionably appointed arms.

According to The Verge, however, there's a new, slightly less idyllic culinary trend afoot in the city of lights: Food delivery.

Meal delivery services like Seamless, UberEats, and Maple have become increasingly ubiquitous in major U.S. cities in recent years, making it easier than ever for consumers to have any number of delicious meals delivered right to their doorsteps. (Then there are meal kit delivery services, which are another beast entirely.)

Now, the phenomenon appears to be sweeping Paris, too, with the explosion of food delivery apps like Foodora, Deliveroo, Take Eat Easy, and UberEats. According to the Verge, these companies are seeing enormous growth in the city, indicating a new willingness among Parisian diners to embrace new culinary customs—at least every once in awhile.

Whether or not the trend catches on on a broader scale is yet to be determined. But in the meantime, bon appetit, Paris!