It's all in your name.

By Mike Pomranz
Updated May 24, 2017
burger king
Credit: Courtesy of Roberto Machado Noa / Getty Images

From dealing with childhood jokesters to uncreative adults, having a name that’s easy to poke fun at can be a lifelong annoyance. An advertising agency for Burger King in Argentina decided to take this problem and run with it, providing a bit of redemption for Argentinians with the last name “Parrilla,” which in Spanish means “grill,” by offering anyone in the country with the surname a lifetime supply of free Whoppers.

The campaign, known as “Somos Parrilla” or “We Are Grill,” promotes how Burger King flame grills all of its burgers by trying to forge a kinship with Argentina’s “Grill” population. As a result, any Argentinian residents who have the last name “Parrilla” on their official ID can sign up to redeem one free Whopper per month for life at Burger Kings in the South American country. “We are proud to belong to the Parrilla family for more than 60 years,” said Burger King Argentina marketing director Lucina Cabrejas.

In a video supporting the campaign, Burger King briefly highlights the stories of some of the people who have dealt with having the last name Grill. “Grill, where’s the meat?” says one woman, giving an example of a “joke” she had endured. Another woman says she once heard the line, “This wiener is for your Grill,” which actually sounds more like sexual harassment than a witty pun. However, in the end, we see a bunch of Parrillas all congregating outside of a Burger King – many wearing the iconic Burger King paper crown – chanting “I’m proud.” Frankly, if someone was truly embarrassed by their last name, the whole thing seems like it would actually exacerbate the problem – but hey… free burgers.

According to Creativity Online, BK put out a call on social media and got about 300 Parrillas to participate in the video shoot, but in all, the agency behind the campaign estimates about 12,000 Parrillas live in Argentina. If every single one of them signed up, that would be nearly 150,000 free Whoppers every single year.