This Plant-Based Food Brand Is Giving Away Free Vegetable Tattoos

You'll never forget to eat your veggies again.

Your mom's been reminding you to eat your veggies since you were a kid. And as an adult, you've gotten pretty good at remembering on your own. But just in case you ever forget, the plant-based food company Tattooed Chef is offering the ultimate reminder: a chance to get veggies permanently inked onto your body.

Tattooed Chef gets its name from its founder Sarah Galetti -- who has plenty of tattoos herself -- and now, the brand has launched its "Ink Your Greens" campaign to promote this synergy of tattoos and plant-based foods to the public.

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The sweepstakes will run from July 8 to July 11 and is open to anyone 18 or older residing in California or New York since the two tattoo artists who will be doling out the free ink are based in Los Angeles and New York City respectively. Seven winners from California and ten from New York will be contacted on July 13 to schedule an appointment for Saturday, July 17… which, by no coincidence at all, is National Tattoo Day.

"We're all about making plant-based eating more accessible," Galletti said, announcing the contest. "As someone who believes that tattoos can be a meaningful, personal way to show off what you love -- why not offer up the chance for others to wear their own passions for veggies on their sleeve?"

For the tattoos themselves, Tattooed Chef says winner will be able "to choose from a selection of custom, veggie-inspired designs." And just in case you are hoping to make a swap for something else, even the official rules state that the designs will all be "featuring exclusively vegetables."

"Our continued growth is a result of the many veggie lovers out there who welcome us into their homes meal after meal, and we're so appreciative of their support," Galetti continued. "We're ecstatic to launch Ink Your Greens to have some fun with our Tattooed Chef family and celebrate all that we've accomplished together."

To enter the sweepstakes or find out more details, go to

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