Here's how to get half a dozen biscuits and your favorite entrees delivered to your door this month.
Credit: Courtesy of Red Lobster Seafood Co.

Sometimes chain restaurants provide us with a sense of comfort and the familiar we just can’t get anywhere else. That is, except perhaps in our own home. Luckily, more and more chains are offering pick up and delivery services so that we can chow down on some of our favorite guilty pleasure menu items parked on our own sofa, streaming whatever trashy movie we please. (Side note: Restaurants, please consider installing Netflix booths!) Later this month, millennial-favorite seafood joint Red Lobster is making that whole stay-at-home process even tastier and cheaper by teaming up with DoorDash for free delivery. Oh, and they’re even throwing in half a dozen Cheddar Bay Biscuits for good measure.

To take advantage of this offer, on Monday, August 27, you'll need to place an order via the DoorDash app or website at any of the nearly 400 participating Red Lobster locations nationwide (and within their delivery areas) and the usual delivery fee will be automatically waived. Not only that, you’ll be treated to six additional Cheddar Bay Biscuits (yes, you read that right: "Additional," as in "in addition" to the usual free side of biscuits) with your order.

So why is Red Lobster giving out free biscuits and why is DoorDash offering to haul them over to your house for free? Just because. Literally. Apparently, August 27 is "Just Because Day" and that's why this whole magically biscuity deal is happening. So don't question it. Don't think twice. Don't look a gift biscuit in the basket, so to speak. Just be thankful "Just Because Day" exists. That said, the promotion from Red Lobster and DoorDash is good for that Monday only, so if you're looking for a way to kick off your pre-Labor Day weekend workweek right, this just might be the seafood-filled dream deal you've been waiting for.