star wars
Credit: © CBS Photo Archive / Getty Images

Different people are mourning the passing of Carrie Fisher in different ways. Some have turned to social media. Others are attending lightsaber vigils. And then some will dress up as Princess Leia and get a free pizza. Turns out some tributes are tastier than others.

The owner of New York City’s Champion Pizza is paying his respect to the late Star Wars star the best way he knows how: by giving away free pizza. According to the New York Daily News, from now until Friday the pizza shop in Manhattan’s SoHo neighborhood will be handing out a free slice to anyone dressed in a Star Wars outfit and a whole free pie to anyone dressed as Fisher’s iconic character, Princess Leia. (Like I had to tell you that!) Owner Hakki Akdeniz launched the promotion at 11:30am on Wednesday and is expecting to give away as many as 10,000 slices before all is said and done tomorrow. That’s enough to feed the entire Death Star! (Maybe. I’m the wrong guy to ask about that sort of thing.)

Champion Pizza employees dressed in Star Wars costumes. Image credit: © Anadolu Agency / Getty Images

Akdeniz said Star Wars has had a number of positive impacts on his life. The Turkish immigrant explained how he learned to speak English by watching the original Star Wars trilogy. He also fondly remembers making a pie for Fisher back in 2005 when he worked at a different pizzeria in Times Square. Apparently, she went with a Margherita. “I told the waitress ‘Would you please say hello to her?’” he told ABC News. Akdeniz said he got a wave, though the server made out even better: “When she left, she dropped $100 tip for the waitress.”

All told, Akdeniz was inspired to do something for Star Wars fans like him. “I thought, ‘Let’s bring free pizza for ‘Star Wars’ fans and bring them all together,’” he said. Mike Fricchione, president of the New York Star Wars Fan Club, was one of the many diehards who has already taken advantage of the offer. “We had some amazing pizza,” he told the Daily News. “It really helped fill the void left by Princess Leia.” Yes, pizza is very good at filling voids – be them in your stomach or your heart.