Blaze Pizza is giving away free whole pies to celebrate LeBron James' West Coast arrival. 
Lebron James Blaze Pizza
Credit: David Liam Kyle / Contributor / Getty Images 

L.A. is still celebrating the news that LeBron James is joining the Los Angeles Lakers, and this week, that celebration takes the form of free pizza for everybody in the area—an occasion that even basketball-indifferent people can appreciate.

Blaze Pizza, the Pasadena-based pizza chain of which James is an investor and franchisee, is celebrating the player's West Coast arrival this Tuesday, July 10, from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.: Over 45 locations of Blaze Pizza in the area are giving away whole pizzas away, no purchase necessary. (Only one free pizza per guest, so don't try anything funny.)

According to a report from Forbes, Blaze Pizza is the fastest-growing restaurant chain in the country, proving that Americans deeply connected with its affordable build-your-own-pizza model. Founded in 2011 in Southern California, the restaurant gained James' support in 2012 when he became an investor and then, in 2013, a franchisee.

"We get to build this. If it doesn't become successful, I can only blame myself,” James said of his partnership with Blaze in an episode of his web-series “Kneading Dough.” James reportedly owns around 10% of the company.

In case you've been on vacation somewhere incredibly remote with no Internet access, let us get you up to speed: James recently announced that he would be leaving the Cavs to join the Los Angeles Lakers as part of a $153.3 million, four-year contract.

We're certain that James will be impressed by the dining scene in L.A., which is regularly hailed as "the most exciting food city in the world." And we trust his food judgment: Dwyane Wade once said he lets James order everything for him.

"LeBron is one of my best friends," he told Food & Wine. "When we eat out he's like, 'You should try this,; and he knows exactly what to order for me. This might get me in trouble, but I would have LeBron order for me before I would let my wife [actress Gabrielle Union]. She'd get me nine different things to be sure there's something I like. LeBron just knows."