You Can Win Free Beer All Year If You Get a Mullet (and Keep It)

Natural Light's cans are going retro, and they want your hairdo to come along for the ride.

A can of vintage Natural Light
Photo: Courtesy of Natural Light

In recent years, Natural Light has worked hard to move the brand into the future. It started with Naturdays, a strawberry lemonade flavored beer launched in 2019, and continued from there: Natural Light Hard Seltzer, Natty Daddy Hard Lemonades, Naturdays alcoholic ice pops, and even a Natural Light Vodka.

But after spending the past three years looking forward, Natural Light is suddenly taking a cue from the past. In a move to remind people that, yes, it all started in 1977 with a light beer called Natural Light, the brewer recently began a nationwide re-launch of the 45-year-old brand in limited-edition 1977-inspired vintage cans. (For the record, going retro worked incredibly well for competitor Miller Lite when they swapped back to their old logo in 2014.)

Natural Light is hoping it's not just their beer that will go retro: They want their drinkers to go retro, too. And if you do, you could win free haircuts and free beer for the rest of the year.

Just like Natural Light, the mullet came into prominence in the '70s and had its original heyday in the '80s. And just as Natural Light is hoping to tap into nostalgia for this era, the mullet has had a bit of a renaissance itself. (The brand says the mullet was the most searched hairstyle of 2021, with searches up 142 percent.) And so, in a hopefully fashionable tie-in, the beer brand is asking drinkers to nod to Natural Light's return to the past by sporting a mullet.

If they do, they can post the results to social media from now until March 31 to enter a sweepstakes to get the haircut paid for by Natty and score two cases of Natural Light in vintage cans for as many months as they keep the haircut throughout 2022.

"The mullet might be returning, but true Natty Fans know it never really went out of style," Daniel Blake, group VP for Budweiser and value at Anheuser-Busch, said in a statement. "That's why we want to make it easier than ever for fans to celebrate this iconic look. And though this hairdo has stood the test of time, these Natural Light Vintage Cans are limited edition so be sure to grab them before they're gone!"

To enter, post a photo of your mullet with the hashtags #NattyVintage and #Sweepstakes to either Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. (You also have to follow Natural Light on these platforms, and your posts must be public.) From there, 100 eligible people will be chosen to win a $50.00 pre-paid card intended to be used to cover your haircut and another $30.00 pre-paid card intended to be used to purchase two 24-packs of Natural Light Vintage.

And once you've won, you can keep on winning: Previous winners who continue to post images of their mullets with the above hashtags each month will be eligible to continue to win a $30 pre-paid card every month (though Natural Light will be giving away five fewer cards in each subsequent month). In total, the brand will be giving out 720 of the pre-paid cards, and since you can enter each month, you can potentially win up to nine times.

Sure, it's bit of a commitment because hairstyles come and go — but winning free money never goes out of style.

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