A winning combination your two favorite carbs. 
Einstein Bros. Mac and Cheese Bagels
Credit: PRNewsfoto/Einstein Noah Restaurant Group

Two comfort foods we never get tired of eating? Mac and cheese and bagels. Some genius over at Einstein Bros. bagels decided to do us all a favor and combine the two into one over-the-top snack (called the Mac and Cheese Bagel, obviously) —and guess what? According to the Food & Wine staff members who got to try it, it’s actually delicious. Now, you too can taste this little slice of carb heaven (if you haven't already)—and maybe even for free this time.

In honor of July 14, National Mac & Cheese Day, Einstein Bros. will be giving out free Mac and Cheese Bagels—which have Annie’s mac and cheese baked right into the dough—to members of its rewards club, Shmear Society. Members can simply walk right into their local Einstein Bros. location to pick up their bagel. If you’re not a member of the Shmear Society, you can sign up here.

If you miss the opportunity to try the Mac and Cheese Bagel on July 14, don’t worry, it will still be available in stores until August 29—it just won’t be free.

Of course, there isn’t just one right way to celebrate this hallowed holiday. We recommend whipping up a batch of your very own mac and cheese, which you could share, or just keep for yourself (I mean this is technically a holiday, and on holidays we give ourselves presents, right?). This classic mac and cheese recipe is topped with buttery crumbs and will be an instant hit for its gooey texture.

By the way, did you know it’s not that hard to make your own bagels either? The task certainly does take several hours and a lot of focus (as well as a little overnight prep), but you’re fully capable of making it work.

No matter how you decide to celebrate National Mac and Cheese Day, we salute everyone out there who will be indulging in super cheesy goodness on July 14.