Here’s how to get yours.
doughnut free
Credit: Bloomberg / Getty Images

Fridays are already the best day of the work week, but on June 2nd things will be even sweeter thanks to Krispy Kreme’s National Doughnut Day giveaway. Like in years past, the purveyor of fluffy, glazed goodness will be handing out a free doughnut to every customer that walks in the door. And there are no strings attached. That’s one doughnut of your choice, anything from the menu for you to enjoy.

Krispy Kreme is touting the day as a chance to express your individuality with a #youdoyou campaign on social media. Of course, if you’re not sure how to adequately express yourself in doughnut form, they’ve got you covered. Via Krispy Kreme’s Facebook and Twitter, fans can get some assistance from the brand itself on choosing the perfect treat.

Some of those expressions might include the Nutella or Ghirardelli collaborations the doughnut maker recently put out. (Unfortunately if you’re looking from something more haute, their luxury line is only available in Japan.) Or if you’re a plain old glazed ring fan, just be sure you know the rules of the Hot Light.

Also, if you’re the kind of person who likes to game the system (we’re not judging or anything), many other chains like Tim Horton’s and Dunkin Donuts, and some local shops will be participating in the festivities, so don’t forget to check back with us about those opportunities as well.

No, National Doughnut Day isn’t a real holiday. We’ve told you before how these oddball observances get put onto the calendar, and it’s got nothing to do with pastry pride or the stroke of the president’s pen. But nonetheless, we’re talking about free doughnuts, so who cares?

To get a free Krispy Kreme doughnut of your choosing, just head to any participating location in the United States and Canada on Friday, June 2nd. Yes Canada, because National Doughnut Day knows no borders.