Jacques Torres

In case anyone's missed it, there's a kissing war going on between New York City's most excellent chocolatier, Jacques Torres, and Hershey's Chocolate. Hershey's has, in no uncertain terms, asked Jacques to discontinue his Champagne Kiss (an awesome lip-print-embossed, pink-Champagne-filled bonbon). Jacques has refused, and he told Grub Street why. “You cannot make any mistake here,” he told them. “It’s our product, it’s our shape, and we have a reason to call it a ‘kiss.’ It’s not the same price point, and it’s not the same ingredients.” (Grub Street notes that the Taittinger Rosé Champagne he uses goes for $40 a bottle.)

Jacques hasn't stopped there. He's just launched a website where people can sign a petition. (When you sign, you'll find a printable coupon for a free sample from any of his New York City locations.) Even better: On Wednesday, April 29, Jacques will give away 10,000 samples of his Champagne Kiss from 12–3 p.m. at all his NYC stores to anyone who wants to come in and cast their vote. (Don't take orders from your friends: It's just one sample per person. And don't be slow: David Hyde Pierce has already walked into Jacques's Upper West Side location and signed the in-store petition there.)