Time to stock the pantry.
Credit: Kritchanut/Getty Images

If you're already battening down the hatches, fluffing up the throw pillows, and firing up the... crumpets(?) for the royal wedding and just can't find the time to leave the house this weekend to go grocery shopping, never fear—Instacart is here. The same-day grocery delivery service is, of course, always available in a pinch. But right now you can get your weekly haul of produce and pantry items delivered for free.

From today through May 23, 2018, just fire up your Instacart app and load up your shopping cart. All orders totaling at least $35 are eligible for a waived delivery fee as long as—and here's the caveat—you make your purchase using Apple Pay (sorry, Android users). That's right, this is the latest Apple Pay promotion, like last month's free McDonald's French fries from the Mickey D's app, and March's free delivery via Grubhub, Seamless, and Eat24. Apparently, it pays to pay with Apple Pay.

As with previous Apple Pay freebies, no discount codes or other coupons are necessary for the Instacart offer. However, the promotion may not be available in all areas. On the plus side, Instacart is teamed up with hundreds of chains and independent stores nationwide, so if your area is participating in the deal, you can score free delivery from your favorite supermarket, greengrocer, or even Trader Joe's (and don't forget Sur La Table!). It's also an especially good deal the more you order, as fees start at $5.99 but go up depending on the total of the entire order. Free delivery via Instacart is typically reserved for members paying a $14.99-per-month subscription.

If you're already fully stocked in in your pantry and refrigerator, perhaps you're just in need of a snack. In that case, you'll want to check out this deal from delivery app Postmates, which is offering a free six-piece Chicken McNuggets brought right to your door (plus delivery fee) for a limited time.