To support restaurants and promote his Teremana tequila brand, Dwayne Johnson will Venmo back up to $1 million in guacamole purchases this May.

Conjuring up a world-class marketing campaign can take weeks of mental strain. Or, sometimes, two words rhyme. Proving the latter method can be just as good as the former is "Guac on The Rock"—a campaign that promotes Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's new tequila, offers free guacamole to people across the country, and supports the struggling restaurant industry all with four simple words.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and his tequila with guacamole
Credit: Kevin Winter / Getty Images / Michael Persico

Launched last year, Teremana Tequila immediately made waves thanks to its celebrity founder The Rock (who may or may not have been inspired by the hundreds of millions George Clooney earned selling the same spirit). Now, with America inching its way out of the COVID-19 pandemic, Johnson and company came up with an idea to both move tequila and support struggling small businesses: In celebration of Cinco de Mayo and The Rock's birthday on May 2, from May 1 to May 5, Johnson says he will personally be covering the cost (from his own Venmo account!) of any order of guacamole (up to $10 per person) purchased alongside a Teremana Tequila cocktail.

"No better way to celebrate my 397th birthday, than with all of us helping our favorite local restaurants get back on their feet, all while drinking some Teremana and enjoying our favorite guacamole," the actor, who will actually be turning 49 years old, quipped. "I want to help get people safely back into our restaurants, bars and hotels. This is an industry close to my heart and one who normally gives all of us so much support year-round. These people need our help and support to get back in business…. Let's go help them out, enjoy some amazing drinks and food and say thank you for all they do. And let everyone know that The Guac's on The Rock!"

To get your guac reimbursement, Teremana says all you'll have to do is upload an itemized receipt at or scan the in-restaurant QR code (assuming the establishment is in on the promotion) and as long as you're 21 years old and the offer is legal in your state (not all areas allow alcohol promotions so check the official rules beforehand), you should be good to go up to ten bucks. The tequila brand also says that the offer will be capped at $1 million dollars in total—but that still means The Rock is willing to give away at least 100,000 orders of guacamole nationwide. Not bad for just five days.

If you want to find out which bars and restaurants carry the brand so you can plan where to grab your free guac, Teremana suggests going to the Find Us page on their website. Whether or not those bars and restaurants serve guacamole, well, it appears you're going to have to do that research on your own.