By Noah Kaufman
Updated July 14, 2014
Credit: © Ciao Bella Gelato

First there was the cab: It was better than the subway, but annoying because you had to hail it, explain where you were going and then fumble with that awful credit card machine. Then came Uber, which solved those problems but introduced a new one: It was really expensive.

Thankfully, the New York taxi is about to make its next and greatest evolutionary leap—and there will be ice cream involved. On Wednesday, gelato maker Ciao Bella is sending out a cab that will be free to ride and full of free gelato. Lucky New Yorkers will hail it just like any other taxi, so if you like free rides and frozen treats, be on the lookout for a car that looks like the one above and start waving like crazy.

You can also follow its route around the city here on Twitter.