The deal was struck between the beer brand and an Eagles player back in August.

free bud light for the philadelphia eagles
Credit: Scott Olson / Getty Images

With a convincing victory yesterday over the Minnesota Vikings, the Philadelphia Eagles are headed to the team’s third-ever Super Bowl appearance. The Eagles have never won a Super Bowl before and getting their long-awaited first victory won’t be easy. They have to face the winningest team in modern memory and last year’s champions, the New England Patriots. But this year, the Eagles have something more to play for than just the Lombardi Trophy: If the team wins it all, Bud Light has promised free beer to everyone in Philadelphia.

Philly’s dreams of free beer began unceremoniously enough back in August. During a training camp interview, Eagles offensive lineman Lane Johnson, a five-year veteran who was suspended for ten games last season after violating the NFL’s policy on performance-enhancing drugs, reportedly stated, “I have a lot to prove to this city…. I think if we have a few big years and make the playoffs, if we win a Super Bowl, I'm giving out beer to everybody.”

In the past, that offhanded comment might have slipped through the cracks, but in the age of social media, Bud Light—the official beer of the NFL—took it to heart and tweeted Johnson a challenge. “Let's make a bet,” the beer brand posted back on August 2. “Win it all and the party is on us. Deal?”

“This one’s for you Philly!” Johnson responded at the time, tacking on the necessary clinking-beer-mugs emoji at the end.

Well, it’s January 2018, and the Eagles are one win away from soaking the city of Philadelphia in free Bud Light… at least assuming Bud Light holds up its end of the bargain, which it promises it will. Back on November 28, not long before the Eagles clinched a playoff berth, Bud Light promised, “Oh believe us, we haven’t forgotten.”

Now, according to CBS Philly, the brand is seriously preparing to have to make good on its promise. “Bud Light has not forgotten about our commitment to Lane Johnson, the Eagles and the city of Philadelphia,” a company spokesperson told the station a couple days before yesterday’s game. “We will be sharing plans soon, but in the interest of not jinxing the team ahead of their upcoming games, we are not going to unveil any plans at this time.”

Okay, so can you share the plan now, Bud Light? Other than rooting for Tom Brady to save you from having to give 1.5 million rowdy Philadelphians a free beer?